Our Longest Field Trip Friday Yet!

A week ago the kids and I were really brave and we went on our longest field trip yet to Rocky Reach Dam. C is in his engineering unit in science so this was a perfect field trip! My parents and a few of my sisters came with us and my parents graciously hosted us at their cabin for two nights.

I’ve never been this far with the three kids by myself so I was nervous, but excited to feel empowered by the independence. You might be thinking, ”Um, what’s so hard about a three hour drive?” Well, when my kids are little, from newborn to about 4, they really, really struggle with car rides. My babies were never the ones you’d toss in the carseat and drive around for nap time, no sir. However, Pickle was a champ on the all the car rides on our adventure.

I was so grateful for all the help from my parents and sisters. The bigs even got the option to swim in Lake Chelan, and believe it or not they swam for hours- in APRIL! Lake Chelan is glacier fed so it was quite a feat.

I had prepared some worksheets on kinetic energy that we went over the night before we toured the dam, so I hope the kids were able to have a enriching experience and retain some information. This dam is impressive and unique- it generates enough energy to sell power to four other states!

Check out those propeller blades! See the tiny guy in the upper left hand corner for scale?

It’s not a trip to Eastern Washington without a trip to Anjou Bakery. If you get the chance, you really should go, it’s delish!

While we had a sunny and hot day when we went to the dam, the next day it snowed on the way home over the pass and in Cle Elum! It was quite fun.

We always seem to travel home in pjs. I kinda love it.

I was so proud of Pickle for being a patient traveler, and I was so incredibly grateful to C and A for being so helpful. The trip was a blast with my Adventure Crew! We came home and started our spring break during Holy Week because there was a lot to do to prepare for Easter!! Stay tuned for a post on our Easter traditions ranging from babkas to bunnies and Resurrection rolls to deep cleaning.


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