Master bath update

When we first moved into our house we didn’t realize something was wrong with the master bathroom initially. But I started to smell some funk and noticed the warping on the baseboards from previous leaks. We tried to clean and seal the door and the grout in the shower where I suspected the smell was coming from, but between the leaky door and the hard water that had rotted the wood under the shower through the grout, we quickly realized we were not going to be able to fix this problem ourselves. Long story short, we got insurance involved and we did our first major remodel in our house. Not exactly what we planned or what we had hoped to do, but we are blessed we were able to fix the issue before it got worse.

Luckily, the vanity didn’t need to come out, but we have all new flooring, paint, and baseboards. The vanity also got refinished which was nice.

I decided to ditch most the gray and go much lighter and classic with a modern accent on the shower floor and wall. I left the tub because it really wasn’t in the budget to do a standing tub. I don’t really mind, I don’t exactly have time for long baths all the time anyways, haha!

I’m personally really glad I got to reuse these curtains from A’s old room. The bathroom feels light and airy now. I’m also excited not to have a shower door. Spoiler alert, they are IMPOSSIBLE to clean. The curtain rod they installed is a little short and needs to extend more but the contractor is going to fix that. I’m really pleased that there are no crevices that need cleaning any more, even the shelves are completely flat. We also have put in a water softener so the grout will not struggle and age quite as fast.

That’s a little house update! We’ve been busy with weddings in the family, figuring out this crazy winter here, and our social and work schedules. I’m hoping to get a recipe and a family update here soon. Until then, peep what kind of sunrises we get here each morning!

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