Summer Adventures (so far)

Our summer has been a wild ride so far. We’ve been on our first family camping trip along the coast, Memorial Day in Chelan, a wedding in Oregon, family birthdays, all in addition to our usual routine (Brock Soccer, homeschooling, babysitting, freezer meals, coaching, etc). To say it’s been busy would be an understatement! We have many more activities and trips coming up this summer too. The preparation for all these things while caring for the kids, the house, and my jobs has been completely time consuming, which is why this blog has been a little neglected. I’m hoping to play catch up here in the next few days (thank you B vitamins). First, I’m going to go fill up my coffee cup, make sure my kiddos are still down for their naps, then I’ll get started…

Okay, I’m back! Here we go…

Chelan, WA

We spent Memorial Day weekend at Chelan. It was a hard trip! First, what should have been a three hour drive, turned into a five hour drive due to an accident on the freeway. Miss A screamed most of the way over, we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. The next day, she wasn’t any better so we went got a skype-esqe appointment for her (thank heaven for technology) and she was diagnosed with Strep AND Hand Foot Mouth. Wow, I felt so bad for her. She was a trooper and did a little better once we had medicine for the Strep. Hand Foot Mouth is a virus so we had to ride it out. We didn’t sleep much, but I think C had the time of his life.

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Fort Flager, WA

Our first family camping trip was so fun! We went to Fort Flagler, WA with most of my mom’s family. It was a nice way to get introduced to camping with our kiddos since much of the food and logistics were figured out for us. What a place to camp! It was beautiful.

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Husband and I are not natural outdoorsy people, as in, we’ve never set up a tent on our own before. But we were so lucky to have a lot of help with setting up our tent and cooking. We had a couple engineers, some seasoned campers, and some veteran parents: that tent was up in about 20 minutes! The kids had such a great time with all their cousins and aunts and uncles that they were all smiles. We couldn’t have asked for a better first time camping.


Mt. Hood, OR

The wedding we went to in Oregon was held at Mt. Hood. I have got to say, this was one of the most amazing locations I’ve ever seen! We will for sure go back next year to camp there (no seriously, I have an alarm set on my phone for when those campsites are open for the summer 2017 booking…wanna come!?). The little town at the foot of the mountain is so cute and perfect for puttering around and the hikes are kid-friendly and breathtaking. Husband was a groomsman for one of our oldest friends and was so excited to be in this wedding. We both really admire the couple since they have been together for almost 10 years (!) and are such a easy going, kind people. It was such an honor and a joy to be able to witness in their beautiful wedding.

I wasn’t able to get many pictures of us at the wedding since I was having too much fun and chasing kiddos. But, I did get some great ones of our adventures between wedding activities.

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I mean, can you believe this place?! DREAMY. We can’t wait to go back.



Daily Life

Home schooling is going very well. We are currently exploring a Mountain Theme, and just finished an our Ocean Theme. We do themes in addition to working through Handwriting Without Tears and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons because that is how I incorporate science, math, etc. Here are some of the neat projects we’ve done:


This is the erupting volcano C made!

13817347_10157262642065085_320032424_n 13823378_10157262642170085_296408441_n 13819528_10157262640395085_2058639194_n 13816932_10157262640365085_1171715974_n 13817186_10157262640300085_559856179_n 13817049_10157262640250085_323410634_n 13819849_10157262640040085_895785506_n 13823332_10157262639950085_1855723252_n 13735293_10157262640185085_1065468307_n 13823577_10157262640100085_145188840_n

Along with schooling, I’ve been working on pillowcases for The C+A Project, jamming, gardening, trying to train for my first Tough Mudder, and maintain some semblance of cleanliness in the house. Its been busy, fun, and tiring, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today, while I was washing dishes and watching my children play on our porch, I was thinking a couple things: 1) I freaking LOVE that I have kitchen window into the back yard. Life saver! and 2) I live such a privileged life. I am blessed beyond measure. Lately, I have been striving to earn the amazing life and family I have. They deserve my best and don’t get it much of the time.  I’ve been trying to put things like this blog and mopping floors on hold, as frustrating as it might be. Some more than others (I mean, mopping floors? Who’s dying to do that? *excessive eye roll* ) in order to kick a soccer ball, or read a book with my littles, or actually sit and have a conversation with Husband.

Mothering is tough sometimes. But, I truly believe moms are tougher. I find that when I try my hardest each day, I mean, really, my hardest, that those are our best days. Sometimes trying my hardest means resisting the urge to not nap with my kids, because as much as I need to get things done, I’ve been horrid to be around because I’m tired. Sometimes, it means getting up early and making a nice breakfast for everyone, even though I don’t like making breakfast because I’m NOT morning person, but everyone else in my house is and I need to suck it up. And, sometimes it means not doing anything at all, but sit in the back yard and play with my kids, trying very hard to ignore that laundry because my kids need quality time. We’ve had greatness inside us, moms! Keep trying your hardest.

Anywho, that’s our summer so far in a nutshell! I’ll keep updating as we go. Cheers!




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