What’s Cooking!?

I was in the middle of cooking dinner so decided to make the most of my time and take some pictures for you all of our new kitchen! It’s pretty fabulous and wowza, it’s big.

I’ve already got plans to ditch that microwave and put in a hood. Miss A suggested a mosaic of bread baking too- I love the idea!

Folks, I’ve got a PANTRY. Dreams do come true😍!

AND room for cookbooks!? So blessed. I’m not gonna lie, some of the cabinets annd drawers are actually empty or very close to it because this kitchen is so much bigger than our last one. However, to my undying shame, I already have a junk drawer. Woe.

You know things are going well when there are full homemade granola containers, fresh eggs (the chickens are home, YAY!!) and spruce tip beer brewing.

My view for dish washing. You can see the hens and Lucas in the distance. I’ve got big plans for this yard I can assure you. First, I’ve gotta figure out this alkaline soil situation. Any ideas? I’m thinking all container and/or raised beds.

Well, that’s the kitchen ya’ll! I’m already working some yeast magic here as you can see above, so that must be a good sign, right?


2 thoughts on “What’s Cooking!?”

  1. Wonderful kitchen! Look at all that space!! You guys picked an awesome house. If you ever consider a little bigger kitchen table, let us know:-)))

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