Family Photos 2016

Hello all!

I hope you have all been enjoying the changing season. We definitely are! It is nice to be back into our routine after such an exciting summer. In lieu of sending out a Christmas card this year, I’m posting our yearly family photos here. It is simpler and more cost effective to keep everyone updated through my blog.

We have had an incredibly busy, fun year, and we look forward to many more adventures in 2017. We hope you have a wonderful fall, holiday season, and a happy New Year!


Abby, Chris, Caidoc, and Azelie

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Camping Trip to Mt. Rainier

Husband and I have been living in Washington for 20+ years and we just now made it to Paradise on Mt. Rainier. It. was. spectacular. I booked the camp sites at the beginning of spring and just happened to pick a weekend that landed on their centennial celebration! It meant that we didn’t have to pay for parking or any extra fees, which was a nice perk. We were so glad my brother, sister-in-law, and their daughter were able to join us because camping is more fun with friends. C and A loved riding bikes, making s’mores, and hiking with their cousin! 14193884_10157465794140085_2081935554_n 14159682_10157450484875085_1343960530_n 14193826_10157450484745085_1774599617_n 14193595_10157450484510085_1038821299_n 14182295_10157450484385085_1206978844_n 14138298_10157450484320085_1053420185_n 14182557_10157450484180085_719821438_n 14137677_10157450484145085_989820165_n 14169669_10157450484110085_589626049_n 14159295_10157450483615085_335808158_n

One night we went to a little presentation done on the campground for the kids. The rangers who ran it were so nice and great with the kids. C and A earned these badges by filling out a little booklet handed out to them.


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Taking the Junior Ranger oath. C was SO serious and adamant about it I just about died from the cuteness.

14137732_10157450481185085_1888996382_n 14182579_10157450481100085_1522485666_n

After he filled out his booklet C volunteered all on his own to share with the group. This astounded me, since he is normally very shy and anxious about things like that. But he marched right up with Husband and talked all about what he wrote. I can’t really describe how big of a deal this was for him, particularly because he is very aware of his speech impediment, but still was excited and wanted to share. I think Husband and I just about burst with pride. I’m proud that we’ve been able to foster this type of confidence in our little man.

14138402_10157450480985085_165409284_n 14169726_10157450480940085_1449777117_n 14159924_10157450480865085_1128802194_n 14194237_10157450480820085_491453603_n 14194424_10157450480745085_740992407_n 14159832_10157450470395085_403533839_n 14193776_10157450470275085_486636108_n 14138342_10157450470175085_1859274686_n

Besides hiking on the mountain we also explored around a short little loop near our campsite that used to be a health resort where people would come a soak in the mineral springs that a man found there. An original cabin was there too!

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I couldn’t get enough of this weird cloud!

14138553_10157450468875085_724076883_n 14193604_10157450468855085_1937467926_n 14182320_10157450468830085_1505924374_n 14169512_10157450468770085_1045822759_n

Being able to wake up and hike right away was nice because we never ran into any crowds! It was a tad chilly though which I didn’t plan for at all, that was a bummer.

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We couldn’t have asked for a better end to our camping adventures this season. It’s already been decided we are going back next summer, but this time we are going to try for the opposite side of the mountain, Sunrise.

We have two more trips till our summer is really over (*WHEW*) and I have to say, although I am going to miss the warm weather, I am not going to miss all the traveling and packing. It has been worth it. We have had one amazing summer so far!

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