Advent Calendar!

I have FINALLY finished my advent calendar that I have been making for Caidoc! It took a long time because I got SUPER side tracked by lots of things, first, I had to wait to borrow my moms sewing machine, I saved up money for fabric, and then I changed my plans because a friend of mine gave me a ton of awesome fabric! So, it turned into more of a project than I thought. I also probably made it more complicated than it needed to be and I’m a little rusty with sewing 🙂 Regardless, I am THRILLED how it turned out.


Isn’t is pretty?! Those pockets are what took me so long. I had to sew down ALL the corners after I cut them all the exact same size. And I’m really please that it’s kinda “eclectic” looking, because I think it makes it look more homemade 🙂 Did I mention the supplies cost about 10 dollars?!


Here is a pocket close up. So what I am doing is every other day is a piece of Caidoc’s nativity scene which it gets to place in the stable, baby Jesus being last of course. In between those days is a Christmas carol written down that we sing, okay really I sing and he dances. He LOVES music, so this is pretty much his favorite thing.


Did you spy the Dum Dum? That was originally bribery for doing the calendar each day, turns out I didn’t need it AT ALL. He LOVES it. We have only done it three times and all I have to say is, “Caidoc, its time for the Advent calendar” and he going RUNNING over to it. Win 🙂 So now the Dum Dum is just a plus.


I LOVE holly berries as a Christmas decoration. Like, seriously love them. It’s no surprise them made it on here 🙂IMG_5635 IMG_5636

I am only showing you this wise man because he’s the only one you can see peeking out of his pocket!IMG_5637 IMG_5639


YAY! I’m so excited. I feel like such a good mom when I get homemade projects done that Caidoc loves 🙂 I hope to keep this a family tradition for a long time.


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