Master Bedroom

Yay!!! Finally, I can show off all our hard work. Projects take awhile to complete around here because we work around our busy schedules and frisky “helpful” kids. So, what may not seem like it should have taken awhile, took us, well, quite a long time to complete. How long? Uh, how long have we been in this house? 😉 I like to take my time to planning decorating projects, because sometimes my ideas change, or I find a killer deal, etc. but at long last, it’s done!

It was important to me to not have a room that was too “girly”, I do share this room with a man after all. As much as I wanted a all white ruffled duvet cover, bedskirt, and a full sized canopy, I knew it was just not practical, and that in the end, this room had to be able to put up with a lot of traffic. I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money. With the kids as little as they are, things just take more wear and tear (yes, even  in our room) so it’s silly for us to invest in things that will just get ruined or need to be repaired or cleaned a lot (read: the all white ruffled duvet I pined after for months). With that in mind, I decided to try and utilized everything we had as much as possible, while still achieving the look and feel I wanted.

Over all I was going for “calming, clean, and simple”. I don’t think bedrooms should be “busy” spaces decorating wise since it is suppose to be a place of tranquility. At least that’s what I wanted our bedroom to be. Let’s take a look! 



Can we talk about that gorgeous rug first?! I love it. After scouring the internet for months (no joke) I finally found two brand new, 8 foot wide, Pottery Barn rugs for sale on Offer Up for 50 bucks each. I was so excited!

This is the originally sad little pleather ottoman that we bought used a couple years ago at a thrift store. I finally re-stuffed it and reupholstered it. I may have over stuffed it, but I like that it’s extra cushy. The faux fur is from Ikea. 


So, I didn’t get a canopy, so I made a faux one out of tool and planter hangers. It drapes a little over the bed without becoming a repelling possibility for the kids.

Our head board we made back in our apartment. It’s one of the best things we’ve ever made because we get so much used out of it. Its very thick and and so nice to lean against. I just recently added the upholstery tacks to the headboard, they match the ones on the ottoman. Boy, that was a undertaking, even though I used the “cheating” ones.

The mirror was bought off of Offer Up as well, for $15. I painted it, not only because it was a weird blue color but because it REEKED of smoke. I couldn’t believe a mirror could soak up that smell, but good grief, it was bad. As long as I live I won’t understand that filthy habit. I wanted the mirror hanging from hooks to make it look a little more industrial, so I spray painted some S hooks to match the planter hangers. The glass is aged, a look I really love.

I hung a rope light behind our headboard and it makes the best nightlight. I’m so glad there are several outlets in our room.




This is what it looks like with the lights off. It glows so nicely!




Ah yes, the marital enrichment fan. I found this fan on, yep, Offer Up for $20 brand new. Chris really wanted a ceiling fan to help with the hot summers. This works so well for that purpose. The process of putting it in took a week, due to finding the room had been mis-wired! Luckily, Chris’s super nice boss came and helped out so it’s all sorted out now. Whew.




On the wall against the door I hung our wedding pictures of our first look. Another project that should have just been a quick hang, but instead, after finding the pictures had water damage from a spilled sippy cup sometime during the move, I had to clean the frames and order new prints…only to find the original sized prints are no longer being made! Starting to see why this took so long?!

Strangely enough, the thing that took the quickest was painting the room! Chris and I did it with the kids home in only a couple of hours, from going to the store to get paint, to putting the room back together! It was impressive if I do say so myself.



I just couldn’t get a good picture of the picture because of the stupid glare 🙁




Chris’s side. I love these nightstands. They were on clearance a couple years ago at Fred Meyer. I like how tall they are and that they have multiple shelves.



My side.


Remember this? This was from the sneak peek from a post earlier this week. I love this simple art. Chris put it together and I painted it. Oh, it’s our anniversary date 😉


Ever noticed how expensive curtain poles are? Awhile ago a found a neat trick. Buy electrical conduit instead! It paints super easily, or you can leave it the silver color it is, and it fits in hanging hardware like a dream! Plus, its super cheap. Win, win, win. I threw those wicker balls on for good measure. You’d never tell it cost less than $10 all together!


That’s the view on our porch. It is so nice to have all the natural light and ability to get so much fresh air in the room.


Our “tie backs” are the tops of a metal shelf we had in college, painted, and screwed into the wall. What can I say, reduce, reuse, recycle 😉

All in all, I’m pleased with the way it turned out. Is it exactly like I imagined? No, but then, rarely things turn out exactly the way you plan, and a lack of flexibility will only lead to disappointment. This room is cozy, simple, and more than anyone would need. Because after all, it really is just about the people you share it with, not the ruffled white duvet covers 😉


Well, I think thats all folks! Thanks for checking it out.




Banaoffee Dessert

Does this look good? 

Well, it just so happens that it is. Mouthwatering, sweet craving filling, woes-be-gone, good! 

I was feeling particularly down in the dumps so I thought, “why not eat my feelings away?” Just kidding! Kinda… 

Anyways I was peckish for this delish dessert I made eons ago when we had some friends over, except I didn’t have any of the ingredients and the budget cannot budge this week (thanks, stupid car..). I was not going to be dissuaded so easily. I need my self pity dessert, damn it! Naturally, I took myself to Pinterest and found a recipe for a main ingredient I was missing: graham crackers. It’s a good recipe, I used spelt flour instead of oat bran though. 

While I was making those I left my can of condensed milk boil on the stove top for two hours, turning it into toffee sauce. Yum. Beware when opening the can. 

The whole dessert came out lovely, even my made up whipped cream, which was neither cream nor whipped. Still, it achieved the sorrow soaking deliciousness that was required. 

Assembly instructions below if you’re also in pursuit of a indulgent treat, whatever your reasons 😊. 

2 bananas

2 -3 cups Graham cracker crumbs 

One can of sweetened condensed milk 

Whipped cream 

Raspberry for garnish (is it called garnish if it’s for a dessert? ) 

Serves 2-4 . Or one . I won’t judge. 


1. Boil the sealed can on condensed milk for two hours, keeping fully submerged- top off needed. Once cooled open can, ta-da! Toffee! 

2. Line bowl with crumbs 

3. Liberally scatter chopped banana over crumbs 

4. Pour toffee over bananas 

5. Slather with whipped cream 

6. Garnish with pretty fruit if desired 

7. Stuff face with great satisfaction, destroying sorrow. 


Faux Fur Bear Skin Rug 

I finally made a “Pin” that I’ve been hankering to make for ages! After research for awhile I loosely followed this tutorial, and added my own take on it. I give you, the Faux Fur Bear Rug!


I’ve been wanting to make one of these for Caidoc’s room because it just seemed too perfect for his “enchanted forest/gypsy ” themed room. As I mentioned in the post on his room reveal, I want to keep his room fairly timeless (since I know his interests will come and go), but still have an imaginative, fun vibe.

did you spy the other bears in his nook? They better behave! They have seen what can happen! Haha! Just kidding.
did you spy the other bears in his nook? They better behave! They have seen what can happen! Haha! Just kidding.

This rug is the perfect combination of cozy and manly. I’ll be honest, making it was a tad messy but it came together quickly. I wanted to do the face a little differently but Caidoc asked to have “white eyes and a nose” and who is this for anyways? At least that’s what I  reminded myself as I put back the black shiny buttons I had picked out 😜 .


It turned out even better than I hoped for! What a spoiled little prince, haha!


Current projects 

Hello! It’s a rainy Sunday evening and I’m only slightly dreading the week ahead. Sunday evenings are the ever reminder that Monday is about to rear its ugly head *sigh*. Oh well, I suppose I am greateful I have another week to live, love my precious family, and enjoy the little things.

Speaking of little things, I though I’d show you a few of the projects husband and I have been working on . None of them are totally finished so you’ll have to check back for the final reports . In the mean time, here are some sneak peeks:

Dress Up Organizer

Previously, all our dress up things were stuffed in a large bin. When I decided to get things organized I was so glad I did- turns out a lot of that stuff was useless junk! This little organizer will hopefully make things more accessible for the wee ones, I really want to encourage dress up around here. Hopefully Christmas will help build up our collection… *hint hint!* 😜 . While the organizer still has some things left to work on, you can get the general idea:

Master Bedroom Decor

Husband and I have been working on a over haul of our room for months now. It’s slow work because we have limited time and resources but it’s almost there! I can’t wait to show you. For now, here is a sneak peek at some of the decor we’ve made for it:


Jesse Tree 

This project is so very close to being done! I did almost nothing for on this project except delegate…oh and paint the star 🙂 . Husband did all the rest. This is a Jesse Tree for the kids for advent. I’m going to be using my Christmas count down chart I made a couple years ago in partner with this little tree. I’m very excited. Christmas with kids is the best!



Okay, so that’s a little peek at some of the projects we’ve been working on! Thanks for checking it out, and have a good week!



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