A Mental Break


"I LUH you Kee-doc! I LUH you!"
“I LUH you Kee-doc! I LUH you!”

We’ve all been craving a vacation lately, me in particular. Well, maybe not just me in particular, but I say that because I’m the one who whines about it the most. Husband might be craving one just as much, he just doesn’t crawl out of bed in the morning saying, “let’s just drive away and be billionaires and live in the mountains and never work again! waaahhhh” . (I blame the college conditioning of Spring break). Usually, I just look at vacation Groupons placating my desire to escape by imaging myself away. I know the drone of responsibilities has reached a boiling point in our house when even the elder toddler is asking to go on vacation;

C: ” MOM! I have the plan for the day. We go to the library, THEN we go to that big hotel, remember? We go to that big hotel with the big flat pool and that tiny pool that is too hot, THEN we go on a LONG play date, and then we go get tater tots at Taco Time. Dat sounds like a pretty good date to me!”
Me: “oh man, that sounds like so much fun!”
C: “COMMON! Let’s go! I’ll get zeh-zee’s swim soup!”

Since C doesn’t like to be out of his routine or comfort zone, AT ALL, I knew he was getting antsy to take a break from the grind. I was impressed he remembered the “big hotel” because that was from this past summer and just an overnight stay. It’s so odd what makes a big impression on the little humans.

I woke up this morning feeling very blah. I have a mountain of chores and planning to do and just.couldn’t.do.it. The kids and I did our schooling as usual but afterwards I announced we were going on an adventure. This type of announcement is usually met with quite a bit of anxiety from C but today he blithely said, “YAY! We go to big hotel?!” at which point I had inform him that our budget couldn’t quite handle a vacation right now. To be honest though, I almost said, “YEP!” because that “tiny pool that is too hot” has been sounding pretty good lately.

But, when it came to it I didn’t say “yep”, instead I told him we should go to the very exciting and thrilling Snoqualmie Falls. I’ll tell ya something, I can sell almost anything to a toddler (except “the green stuff” at dinner time…just don’t ask me to do it, it’s not going to happen). We got  bundled up, packed snacks and took off. We were rewarded with a break in the fog and had the place to ourselves. Although we were in the car longer than we were at the falls, we had a good time. It was a much needed mental break for me and enough spontaneousness to feel like an extra special time for the kids.

This sight never gets old

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I hope life is humming along happily for you folks 🙂 I have some blog posts planned concerning fun Easter projects I’ve been doing, so stay tuned.


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