Christmas Letter 2022

Merry Christmas to one and all from the Brock family! We are so abundantly blessed and 2022 has been no exception.

Cosima (3) is the sweetest little love and occasionally a spicy Pickle. She bravely and excitedly goes along with the flow of the big kids busy schedules. She loves ballet, her kitties, doing art or playing Barbies with “Lelly” (Azelie), and being wild with Caidoc. Daddy is her “bestest buddy”. I spend a lot of time chatting with Cosima when the big kids are busy and I absolutely love hearing what is going on in her head, she has so much to say; “Stickers are my best. Sometimes, I love ripping dem.” One of her new favorite things to do is run around clanging pot lids together yelling, “party!” I aspire to that level of enthusiasm and energy. We love our little Pickle, Cozy Bear- toddlers are so hilarious!

Azelie (8) got her ears pierced last year in celebration of receiving her first confession! She loves playing tennis, soccer, and baseball. She completed piano guild auditions for the first time this past spring, scoring exceptionally well. The Christmas recital was her favorite event in piano this year. 2022 was her 3rd year in 4H and she participated in the spring fair and state fair. She won a blue ribbon for her art project in the spring fair and another ribbon for her poster in the state fair. This year she joined American Heritage Girls and is loving earning all the badges! Azelie participated in a week long Shakespeare camp and played Hermia where she discovered she loves acting- no surprise to this momma. Azelie is my big helper and Pickle whisperer. I am so grateful for her encouraging comments to me and her tender, sensitive heart. She always looks on the bright side of things which impresses me to no end.

Caidoc (10) I’m a little freaked out I have a TEN year old, but Caidoc doesn’t feel like he’s growing up fast enough. He got glasses this year! He has played piano for four years now and is really bursting with talent. He participated in his third guild auditions and scored exceptionally well. He has been in 4H for three years and got first place for his Lego invention at the spring fair. His true love is baseball and he absolutely loved playing for another season this past summer. Caidoc played Lysander in A Midsummers Night Dream during Shakespeare camp and while it was not his favorite role, I was proud that he embraced the experience with confidence. Caidoc has joined Trail Life and is really enjoying making friends and taking on extra responsibility. He loves our kitties and chickens and takes good care of them. His most recent thrilling experience was being able to finally sit in the front passenger seat of the car. He is as good a co-pilot as I always knew he would be. He did express disappointment that the role of “shotgun” didn’t actually come with a shotgun. I am so proud of my boy, he is incredibly helpful to me on a daily basis. I am loving watching him grow up.

Abby (30 something) My greatest joy and privilege is being able to be a wife to Chris and a mother to Caidoc, Azelie, and Cosima. While I usually feel like I have no idea what I am doing, I love homeschooling them and nurturing their growth. I spend a lot of time cooking, reading, and making ambitious plans like putting on a week long Shakespeare camp this past summer for 10 kids. At least that keeps me busy from acquiring any new animals much to Husband’s relief. I shamelessly spoil the chickens and cats. I guess I am becoming a pet person- wonders never cease. Between Field Trip Fridays with my Adventure Crew, long days spent explaining math concepts and Latin roots, and helping fundraise for the kiddos clubs, I am quite busy during the school year. Despite the sports, clubs, camping, and general shenanigans, I still find time to experiment with my herbal brew making, most of which doesn’t explode, and I try to forage as much as possible, usually conscripting my children and Husband into joining me; “it’s for your health” I say. Interpret that as you will. I look forward to more traveling, and as always, not taking a single day for granted.

Chris (basically 40) Chris works tirelessly at his job as engineering manager to provide for us in a most ample and generous way. We are so spoiled by him. When he is not being volun-told (not sure who would do that… )to coach the kids sports teams, or become a leader in Trail Life, or a volunteer in 4H, he is dropping everything to help me out with my wild ideas. Chris travels quite a bit for work which is always an exciting experience for both of us; he can occasionally explore new places and I get a reminder that doing this parenting gig without him would be impossible. Still an avid soccer fan, he hopes to start playing regularly in the coming new year, and possibly picking back up the trombone. I suppose I should count my blessings that it’s the trombone he’s settled on and not the bagpipes which was his original thought. His current favorite hobby is making sure to have his beard comb with him at all times in case the opportunity arises for him to mortify Caidoc and Azelie with a good combing sesh. Classic. We make a great team and I can’t wait to see what our future holds together. He’s my best friend and I am the luckiest wife in the world.

Well friends, that’s our year end update in a nutshell. I always look forward to reading y’all’s Christmas letters during these long dark evenings so don’t forget to send yours our way, be it paper or electronic, we will gladly welcome it. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Much love,

The Brock Family

Chris, Abby, Caidoc, Azelie, and Cosima

Kitties Freyja and Isla

Chickens Sorcha, Petra, Zita, Rose, and Dagmara

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