Well, I did it again.

I typed a lovely Christmas letter and then promptly got over whelmed with running another theater camp (Beowulf!), schooling my kids, and traipsing to all their activities that I completely ignored my blog. I tried to write a couple times, seriously, but it just didn’t make it all the way to publishing. I’m here now though, to update you all on a very huge step our family has taken.

We’ve moved to Idaho Falls.

Does that seem random? It kinda was. Husband has been job hunting for some time, and we knew we wanted our kids in a more wholesome environment but we weren’t quite sure where that was. But, after Husband prayed a novena to St. Joseph, he got offered this job here at Idahoan Foods, on the feast of St. Joseph. It felt divine so up we packed, and a month later, showed up in Idaho Falls knowing no one, never having been here before, and knowing next to nothing about the place. Husband and I are not ones for huge spontaneous decisions, but this wasn’t really that; we truly believe we’ve been sent here by God. For what reason? I’m sure we will find out.

Thank you for the memories

It’s been two weeks so far of Chris loving his new job, and the whole family throwing themselves into finding some roots. The journey to get here was quite exciting and I am blessed that we had so much help. I still find myself staring outside and wondering what the heck we are doing here but everything will be okay as long as we have each other. I tell the kids that when they mention that they miss home; “what made our house a home was the people we shared it with” and I hope that helps, at least, it’s what helps me. So, while we continue this adventure of setting up our lives here in Idaho, please think of us- send prayers, good vibes, what have you. I will try and keep the blog more updated on our lives here in Ida-home, while we navigate this leap of faith.

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