House Tour Part 1

We’ve been in the house we purchased for one week and I am super proud to say, there is only ONE box left to unpack! It helped that we packed up only 1200 sq feet and now those possessions occupy over 3500 sq feet; so much storage everywhere! I’ve had a blast decorating and making this house home. I was particularly determined to get things set up so that the kids could really start settling in. I’ve made bread, granola, and marshmallows so it’s just about home, all it needs is a spruce tip beer fermenting on the counter (coming this weekend!).
I am so anxious to share the house with all of you, so here is the first peek. And I do really mean a peek. Before I am able to take pictures, obviously I have to clean up a bit (believe it or not my house is not spotless 😜) so I plan on going through the house one room at a time. Here is our living room!

Pictured is the view right when you walk in the front door. You can sneak a peak of our dining room table to the right.

Over the gas fireplace is some decor and family pictures. I like it, but maybe it’s a bit crowded? I’ll muse on that. To the left is our icon corner.

The space to the right is eventually going to have a harp in it. Aren’t we blessed!? Azelie is starting harp this fall. Yay!
To the left of the icon corner is …

Oh, how excited we all were, especially Caidoc, to get the piano back! I’m excited that this is a music room AND living room. It’s going to work so well for gatherings and supervising practicing. To the right of the piano I am planning on putting the … cello! Extra super blessed! Caidoc is starting cello this fall as well. Aren’t we lucky to have so much music in the house?
That is all for now friends! Remember, you’re always welcome to come visit.


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