Girls’ Rooms

I’m so excited for the girls to each have their own room. Their age gap is five years which at this point, merits some space so we opted to not have them share a room. Miss A decided to go with a more grown up theme, which as bitter sweet as that is, I’m charmed to see her sense of style develop. I still have a lot of creative control for Lil’ C’s room, yay! Luckily, she folded on her room being “alll black” because she’s decided that her favorite color is not only black now but also pink. Come see their lovely rooms!

Can you tell I’m excited to embrace the swan/ballerina theme for our Little Swan!? C approved of the crown on her canopy naturally, haha.

Okay, that hammock chair is THE BEST for book reading to Pickle. It is probably the coziest seat in the house.

So. Much. Storage. 😍

Before I forget! Here is the hall to the girls rooms. We put all the birth frames and rulers here together because I didn’t want C’s all alone downstairs. Without further ado, here is Miss A’s room!

“I need a seat to look out the window while I write my book mom”, you got it girl!

Although it wasn’t her favorite, I think that little shelf is perfect for A’s trophies and special things. She asked for the icons over her bed especially. 🥰

She didn’t want any “pink” but asked for “mint and rose” colors in her room. I like it! She’s got great color instinct, makes sense; she is our resident artist.

Heirlooms. Soon to be closer to home, as A is starting harp in addition to continuing piano this fall.

Again, much untapped storage which I’m sure to be extra thankful for in the teen years.

She really wanted a cork board for all her special things from friends, mementos, and photographs. She also really likes having a calendar to know what’s coming up.

I hope you liked this tour of the girls rooms!

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