Movie Room

Here it is! This is our super cozy movie room. We have had some wonderful movie nights here already and can’t wait for more. We went with a patriotic theme which was Husband’s suggestion and we all love it!

The bean bag was on my wish list and we just LOVE IT!

See the long wall behind the couch? We plan on putting all our favorite movie posters on that wall, but in a smaller version so we can fit LOTS of them. This is going to be our “cool hang out” place. We plan on starting some tween movie nights this winter and combined with the mini fridge, snack shelf, and bean bag, I think we’ve nailed it! The coffee table and school table can handle several board or card games at once which we will be testing out this coming weekend in our first Soup Night open house.

Up close shot of our canvases showing some epic/ pivotal times in American history.

We’ve done some reading aloud on the couch/bean bag with the fire place on and woah, it is warm! I do really miss our real fireplace, but I’m hoping we can have a fire pit outside someday, so we can still split wood and get that crackly fire experience.

Ha! You can see me in the reflection- hi! Note the huge bin of blankets- we got allll the cozy going on.

I think that’s all of the house for now folks. C did not want his room shown and the storage room is kinda boring. Once I get our workout room finished, which will be awhile, I’ll show it to you all. Until then, I’ll be giving updates on our activities learning our new area and a few recipes I’ve developed recently.


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