Living room

I  finally finished the living room! I don’t know HOW long the pile of frames was sitting on the kitchen bar, but as we slowly added to them,  with each little extra cash from the budget, I grew more and more excited to hang them. 

It only took a year but we have family pictures up! Have I mentioned my picture hanging phobia? I just can’t seem to decide what to hang. So many sweet precious moments, so few frames and even less wall space! What to do… Thank goodness for handy husbands who help talk this decor stressed lady off a ledge 😜 . 

The only thing bought new and at full price our couches and everything else was second hand, or carefully watched till it was on clearance 😁. 

The fireplace has got to be my very favorite thing about the living room. It’s so grand! Not to mention it adds some wonderful seating space. 


Would you believe  that I read articles on how to style a Mantle?! 




More pictures…

… Because, well, a thousand words and all that 😜 

This is the sun around 7 or 8 am. The smoke is so intense in Washington that it’s appearing orange if it even comes through the haze at all. 

Z has six teeth now! 

We did pigtails and painted her toes purple all in one day! I didn’t realize how much I missed being girly till I had a girl ❤️ 


She is growing so fast. 

Summer  yums

I just love these curls 

Caidoc is very concerned about my knee and is the self appointment ice pack fetcher. His empathy for others and kind ness know no bounds. 

I’m such a lucky mommy

Summer craziness

wow, I thought the summer couldn’t get more hectic. Turns out it CAN. 

Remember when I mentioned the kids got really sick back to back? Well then they had severe tonsillitis, some of the worst our Dr has even seen in fact. I thought we had our summer sickness but nope, the kids got the stomach flu a week later. I’m happy to report I survived my first puke fest as a mom! 

It was a miserable experience, not because of the throw up, no, that’s never really bothered me. I’m from a huge family, someone is always sick ! No, it was the watching my babies throw up and have no idea what’s happening to them. That. Was. The. Worst. They are not so worse for wear, just on some strong probiotics now to boost their little systems back up. Husband and I really came together on that week, we make such a good team. 

 Since being sick we’ve been so busy with summer adventures, trying to cram every bring in before the weather gets any more gray. The smoke cover here in Washington is really scary. We’ve been praying for all the firefighters protecting us! 

 Our excursions usually focus around the subject we are learning in our little homeschool and that has been such fun. Caidoc is learning so much. He even read his first word the other day! Zelie has been obsessed with books and duplos which makes for wonderful schooling sessions with both of them. 

I’ve gotta get better put blogging all the amazing things we’ve been able to do lately but between planning those trips, the property management job, our soccer academy, and everyday life, wow, it seems almost impossible! I’m very excited for things to slow down here soon. 

Speaking of slowing down, I’ve been phayically having to slow down. I did something to my knee. I’m not sure what yet but I can’t straighten it all the way and repetitive motion ( you know, like.. Walking , haha!) can cause pain if I don’t sit down and rest it. I’m pretty peeved, since my half marathon is coming up. I’m finally caving to husbands demands that I see someone about it. I’m sure it’s not serious, but I’d rather not wait till it becomes that way. 

 Anyways, we recently discovered geocaching. It’s an awesome little “treasure hunt” to do with the kids on hikes and we can’t wait to do more! Our first experience was quite… Well, let’s just say I might have accidentally led my poor little family on a bushwacking escapade that led no where. Luckily, husband stepped in and we found our “treasure”. 😁 

(That’s us recently celebrating one  year of homeownership!)

We have another really busy week coming up, so I’ve gotta go prep for that. Monday’s can be brutal if I don’t 🙂 


Catch up

I’m so behind with blog posts! It has been crazy lately. Both kids got really sick back to back, so that took out two weeks. 

Right after that, Caidoc decided he was ready to be potty trained! It only took about three days for him to really figure it out. He is always surprising us. I’m so glad he waited till he was really ready- I was a painless, simple experience, and I think if we had rushed him it would have taken much longer. 

  Between sick kids and potty training I was (and am) really busy with guests, prepping Christmas gifts (yes, already) and surviving our incredibly busy weekends. 

 Brock Soccer Academy will be ending for the season soon and I have to say I’m relieved. It’s been hectic and a lot of work. I know Caidoc will really miss it though so we will have to sneak in some soccer with friends on the weekends here and there. 

    Schooling Caidoc is going very well. He’s so very close to be ready to start reading. I’m looking at options for that and trying not to freak out about how quickly he’s growing up! Zelie is showing so much interest in being a big kid too. So, I’ve started doing little Montessori activities with her and she loves it. She is also becoming a huge book worm- YES! 

 I was able to run the Tacoma color run with my sister and some of my mom friends- wow, that’s was so much fun and I can’t wait to run another race with my Nina bean- she makes a great running buddy. 

 Let me see… Is that everything? I’m sure it’s not, but that’s all I can remember and have time for now 🙂 


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