School Room and Garage Entry

As a Friday treat you get a tour of two parts of the house! First up is the entry way from the garage. This is where we enter the house primarily.

This isn’t all our coats and such, the rest are in the garage on some storage racks C and I assembled so you’ll see that once I tour the garage. I’m working hard to make sure this doesn’t just become a “dump” zone, but better here than the kitchen.

Right off the entry is the laundry room- pretty great! What is not great is that we were suppose to get a washer and dryer on the 11th and it got pushed to the 20th now. Ah well, I’m getting lots of appreciation for our daily comforts by hauling everything to the laundromat a few times.

Next up is one of my very favorite tours I’ve been looking forward to! The SCHOOL ROOM!

Hallway to the basement. Check the sweet safe. The basement is open concept and is shared with the movie room. But! School room first.

C and A’s desks and our communal school table. Also peep Lil C’s tiny table to work at! C assembled the desks and all the chairs himself. He’s such a help. I am so excited to do school here!

Our awesome storage cubes! Best $50 ever spent.

Eee! I’m so excited for her adorable set up. She’s very excited to do her “work” she says.

All my school stuff fits in this closet. It is the absolute BEST. We also could fit all the games on the top shelf because I’m sure our school table will double as a game table. It has an extra leaf we can put in if needed.

This is for the movie nights, guests, and busy school days. I’ve wanted a snack bar for guests and movie nights since I started designing my future house at eight years old. Dream come true✔️.

This is two of the three of my “shelves of inspiration”. I was so excited to make these. It took a lot of time to find all the prints/art, I’ll tell ya. However, I’m not going to give you a closer look at what exactly they say/are. You’ll have to visit to see 😉.

We have our school binders all ready to go, and I’m nervous/excited to jump into 4th and 6th grade on Monday. Wish us luck!

Down the hall to the guest room is our big maps and our timeline for history this year. Last time we used this timeline C was so wee! Now he will be filling it out with A this year with pretty much no help from me. Time does fly. I’ll just go color with Pickle to assuage my mommy woes.
Boy, I’m so excited to finish the guest room which has been a labor of love, and… badada! The LIBRARY! Another bucket list house item since I was a little girl. Come to think of it, this house has a lot of those! I am so blessed!

That’s all for now folks. We have our first guests coming over this weekend, I’m excited to serve up some yummy healing food to our new friends to further christen the house. I’m sure it will help the wave of homesickness I’ve been battling this week. Have a wonderful weekend all!

P.s. Bonus picture of our new kittens, Tonks and Hermione❤️

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  1. Looks like a great setup for school. We look forward to checking out the game closet…and movie night … AND meeting Tonks and Hermione! Sorry about the laundry situation though. TFS

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