On-the-go Kid Approved Treats

Sometimes we need an easy win, right? More often than not food can be a contention between parent and child. Sometimes it’s the type of food, sometimes it’s the way the food is presented. I’d say my greatest struggle with food and kids is when we are out and about craving a treat, and I have not prepared something in advance.

Now we won’t go into anaphylactic shock if we eat certain foods, but if we make our particular sensitivities a habit the effects will be devastating, short term and long term. So, when I get stuck with not great food options, I feel extra lousy because it’s a product of my poor planning. The kids know certain choices aren’t good for them (they can feel it instantly!), and yet they want them so bad and when they don’t have something to fall back on- cue the understandable bad tempers. Guilty frustrated mom, hungry frustrated kids: it’s a crummy situation overall folks. Luckily, there is a way to prevent that. My ”easy win” is pre-packed treat boxes full of things my kids have picked out at Costco. They’ve read all the labels and been empowered to make “treat” choices within our diet restrictions. Once we are at home we portion and prepare the snacks popping them into handy glass or stainless steel containers then store them in the fridge. Boy, does it help with all our hikes, piano lessons, library trips, Field Trip Fridays, to and from church, 4h meetings- pretty much anywhere the snack cravings hit! The one rule we like to follow is that these are for on-the-go only, otherwise none of the leftovers at home would get eaten, haha!

Let me show you some of our favorite snacks.

Almond flour crackers, carrots (one of the kids cant eat carrots and one cant eat baby carrots their tongues will swell up and sting), and Costco hummus. This is not the greatest hummus because of the PUFA content but it was a compromise.
Almond flour crackers, a hard boiled egg (from our own chickens!) and strawberries. The bigs don’t eat egg whites, so this is Pickle’s – fingers crossed she won’t develop an egg problem! I LOVE these reusable cupcake liners. They are so versatile, cute, and dishwasher safe.
Dates, mixed nut butter, strawberries, blueberries, grapes carrots, almond flour crackers, and 85% dark chocolate- yummy treats!

That’s all for now folks! What treats do you prepare so that you can have something quick and healthy on hand?


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