Avocado Cucumber Pasta

Yay for filling allergy free food! Seriously, it is so hard to go back to cooking without wheat and dairy again. Since Caidoc outgrew those allergies (he still has an egg allergy) I was able to use those things in baking and cooking again. Man, it is a LOT easier to just throw in regular flour to baking and not worry about the levening effect. I’m not going to lie, I missed butter something’ fierce. But, now that lil’ Zèlie is having all the same reaction Caidoc had we’ve ditched wheat and dairy along with eggs. Well, Caidoc and Chris still get a good amount of wheat, just because it’s easier for lunches ( I still can’t master a good wheat and gluten free sandwich bread! Argh!).

Anywho, allergy free summer cooking is much easier than allergy free winter cooking because all the amazing produce is fresh and available for cheap. I had some avocados and a giant cucumber on hand so I decided to make a pasta dish for dinner using the avocado as the base for the sauce. I’m really into avocados lately. I have no idea why since I generally am not fond of..well, vegetables, but, like I said, not a lot of options with the allergy free eating. Husband really liked this dish, which was a plus, since I made it for our anniversary (it would have really been a bummer if it sucked…”happy anniversary, here’s come crappy food…”).


I got the noodles at Costco, they were a pretty good deal since they were in bulk, otherwise gluten and wheat free pasta can be expensive. A friend of mine recently suggested using ribboned veggies as noodles such as carrots. I’ll have to try that as I’m sure it be yummy and even cheaper. Double whammy.

Don’t skimp on the seasonings- you need them to liven up the blandness of avocado and cucumber.

Meat is optional. I was trying to add some meat mostly for my toddler’s sake…Also, I had one lone chicken breast just sitting in the freezer and it was bugging me.

I highly recommend using a hand blender for the blending portion. If you don’t own one, buy one. It will change your life. I mean it.

Obviously, I believe in drenching noodles with sauce.
Obviously, I believe in drenching noodles with sauce.


Avocado Cucumber Pasta 


1 sweet onion

1 large cucumber

1 large avocados

1 chicken breast (optional)

6-8 cups of cooked rice noodles (or other type)

4 T garlic powder

3 t seasoning salt

1 t pepper

1 t oregano

2 t parsley (fresh is a plus)

1/4 olive oil

1 t lemon juice



1. Diced the onion and the chicken and sauté with olive oil  and all spices on medium heat till chicken is cooked through

2. In a separate pot, cook noodles

3. Peel and pit the avocados

4. Blend avocado and lemon juice

5. Peel and dice cucumber then stir into avocado puree

6. Combine onion and chicken with avocado and cucumber, mix throughly.

7. Top noodles with sauce


Yes, it’s that easy. Husband says that it’s good cold too, so even better for left overs on these hot summer days. Enjoy!



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