Self Pity Crafts

Our forth of July was spent much like our last forth of July; home, with a miserably sick baby. It seems like Brownie Pie has had more than his fair share of ailments for a one year old. Husband and I were extremely disappointed to not get a vacation, we even had Friday off which had to be requested months in advance. Instead, Husband went into work and I kept our little man at home trying to summon the patience a fever ridden baby requires. I’ve decided hand-foot-mouth is probably one of the WORST things a baby can catch; they won’t eat, drink, swallow, sleep, and have no idea why they are in such agony. If you’re curious, this is hand-foot-mouth, in a nutshell. The mouth sores are what make it in the worst I think. Husband said a guy from work knew an adult to who had it, and they described it as “excruciating”. I feel horrible for our little man (yes, he still has it, we are waiting from improvements).

To not feel so bad for myself and to keep myself from whining, I decided to head over to my friend’s blog and find some crafts to distract myself while Lil’ Man slept. It worked well! Thanks Brooke! I don’t think my creations were quite as nice as her’s are, but then again, she is a crafting guru, and I, sadly, am in my guppy stage.

From Brooke’s “Spunky Spoons” post!

Brownie has been screaming himself hoarse this week. I think his usual impatience is amplified by being sick, he’s not a passive sick baby, that’s for sure. One craft was not going to do it. I needed more distraction from my self pity fest. I made these with little wine bottles, I’m going to use them for portable salad dressing/sauce containers. One girly one, one manly one 🙂 The manly one is actually made with duct tape (is there anything more manly?!) and then sealed with Modge Podge.

So cute! Also, it’s handy because you have to drink the wine first…
I guess it’s not THAT manly since it has a pink top. Guess I’ll have to go find some more to drink, I mean, make…

Did I mention that Chris is going on a week long work trip on Monday? So I will be alone with my poor sicky baby (who has a surgery consult this week as well)? That’s also why we were really looking forward to getting away…oh well. Obviously two crafts were not going to cut it, but I needed something quick and easy because Caidoc has a super short patience level with me doing anything other than hold him. So, I resorted to duct tape again. I decided to dress up Brownie’s trash can in his room. He has a great green monkey theme going on:

Diaper changer
Block Bin and new fancy garbage can!

This is how I made it:

Easy, eh?

Now it’s so “on theme” 🙂

His cute rug
Yay! Now I feel like I did something this weekend!

Annnnd, that’s all I have time for folks. Later!


Thrifty Nifty

Today’s post is is brought to you by these thrifty parents right here!

Notice our judgey lil man

Lately, Husband and I have been on a  bigger-than-usual thrift kick.  We’ve been selling stuff we have just lying around that we never use, eating better and cheaper, and saving, saving, saving! We take so much joy out of getting rid of things we think we “need” and being able to put more money away, especially for our little man’s education trust and our retirement accounts.

Here are some of the ways we’ve been particularly thrifty and have fun at the same time!

Husband’s Finds

We buy our Huggies wipes and diapers from Costco. Bulk, baby! Well, on each package inside are these little tags with codes on them, if you go to the Huggies website you can enter each code and earn points. With those points you can get toys or baby gear. It’s a tedious process and takes time but my awesome Husband has been putting them in and gathering them diligently. And here is what he earned for our little man, free of charge!

An adorable tool box, with hammer, wrench, and screw driver, and lots of screws and nails! Eco friendly wood too 🙂
And this super cute froggy bubble holder, complete with three wands, bubbles, and a handy handle!

I’m so proud of Husband! Our little man loves these treasures too 🙂


My Finds

I don’t have any pictures of my finds, well, because they are not finished yet. I am making our little man a felt board! I got a bunch of felt on sale and am able to make everything else I need from supplies I already had, so this whole big board will be only about four dollars! I am so excited about it. It is going to be a farm scene. So far, I have the pigs, cows, chickens, a barn, sun and clouds all cut out and waiting to be glued together. I am being held back by needing a a hot glue gun (which I will borrow), so till then, no pictures! Felt boards have a fond place in my heart since I grew up with one that my mom loving made, I hope my little man likes his too.

So, that’s all for now! I’m really sad about he lack of pictures I have since our camera has been missing for some time (the pictures above are from my iPod Touch, another present Husband won! He’s so enterprising!). We suspect our little Brownie has run off with our camera, but it’s been missing so long that we think it is long gone 🙁 we are in the market for a new one. But still, I am really bummed since we’ve not had our last one long, and it was a birthday present from Husband. Oh well! Letting go of material things one baby at a time I guess 🙂


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