Summer Pie

Summer is almost over! Sad. I am kinda ready for chunky sweater and legging weather though. Also, with fall coming, it means it’s almost my birthday 😀

I got all these berries from the farmer’s market on Saturday (remember when I talked about heathy family rituals? We go get our produce fresh each week!) and I needed something to do with them. This week was blackberries and golden raspberries. I love berries and so does Brownie.

I found this recipe, and boy, I love it! Except the cornstarch part, yuck. Something I discovered recently though, while making a delish strawberry rhubarb crisp, is that an amazing super healthy substitute for cornstarch is MILLET FLOUR. It is so good for so it makes making pies and make me feel all healthy 🙂

The second thing I do that makes life A LOT easier, is that each month a make a ton of pie crusts and freeze them. That way, I have allergy free crusts on had for when I want to whip up a berry pie, apple pie, or Husband’s favorite, chicken pot pie 🙂 My mom really did not like making pies because the crust was always “too tedious”. And I agree, having pre-made crusts makes what could be an hour long process, only minutes. And when you have a busy little boy running around, it’s important that things only take a few minutes! So scroll down for my super secret Summer Pie hints.

Here is a mixture of blackberries, golden raspberries, and some blueberries (the blueberries are from my grandma's garden)
Here is a mixture of blackberries, golden raspberries, and some blueberries (the blueberries are from my grandma’s garden)
This is a pre-made crust. I wish I remembered how I made it because it works LIKE A CHARM which is rare for allergy free crusts in my opinion
It’s so important to not skimp on spices, I believe they make or break baking. I always throw in extra nutmeg (when called for) and vanilla, and it’s never failed me 🙂
The secret to so much of my baking. I use this in everything from pie fillings to thickening sauces
Make sure everything is mixed SUPER fine, or you will get chunks of yucky crap
I don’t believe in rolling crust out perfectly. As you can tell.
It all ends up pretty in the end 🙂 I left the cut out on top because I don’t like waste and all the edges were sealed up tight. Make SURE to leave holes, unlike chicken pot pie, berry pies LOVE to explode everywhere.

That’s all! Have a great rest of your summer!



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