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I bit the bullet and we spent a day in Seattle adventuring as a family. Understandably, Seattle can be a stressful place to visit these days due to restrictions and the general expensiveness, but I decided to not let my stress and apprehensiveness hold us back. So, after lots of prep and lots of planning, we headed out to the Museum Of History And Industry (MOHAI) and the Museum of Flight this past weekend. It’s tricky managing all the moving parts that it takes to get five people out the door, let alone making sure the animals and house are all set, but I was determined to make a day of it.

Head to Seattle early to get good parking and beat the coffee lines! Hint: Sunday = lots more free parking and less crowds than Saturday.

The MOHAI had been on my list for field trips this year because they are hosting the DaVinci exhibit (you can check out the details here). The goal was that this exhibit would enrich C’s science this year which is all about physics. It did not disappoint! In addition to the DaVinci exhibit, their history of Seattle compilation complemented the early modern time period we are studying which was a huge plus! The WW1 and WW2 displays were fantastic. We lucked out with the weather as it was a beautiful, clear day so we were able to walk around park and sit at the water eating our packed lunches. It was gorgeous! We definitely took advantage of the morning and spent 3 hours at the museum, waterfront, and walking a bit of Seattle.

Armed with note taking supplies, the Bigs are ready!
Pausing to take some notes
Chief Seattle and his family converted to Catholicism. This is his daughter’s rosary.
The kids thought this was pretty nifty!
Beautiful day
An 800 year old tree!
It’s been a long time since I’ve walked around Seattle, it was nice to be back.

After the MOHAI we packed up and headed to the Museum of Flight. We had been hanging onto some free passes I was given a year or two ago and decided to use them while we had valid negative Covid tests that we needed to get into places in Seattle, otherwise I would not have tried to do two museums in one day. The Bigs handled two museums just fine, but it took a big toll on Pickle who was a champ during our long day. As a consequence we didn’t spend more than an hour and a half at the Museum of Flight but it was still such a treat to go and see all the aircraft. Caidoc especially loves this museum.

We had the best time on our Museum Day and I am so grateful for the resources that surround us. Adventures like these really make me love homeschooling even more. Even if it seems intimidating, get out there friends! You’ve got this.


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