Never Say Never

There are a lot of things about my life that are different than I imagined they would be. From about, oh, ten years old to twenty-one, I had different ideas ranging from being a lawyer in New York or an actress in LA, to maybe starting an orphanage or teaching high school literature. Obviously none of those happened, haha! Sometimes it feels like I’ve lost my identity, but most of the times, I think that my identity is coming to find me, all the time. My life might look nothing like I planned, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s actually quite fantastic. I couldn’t, *didn’t*, dream up anything better.

Why the philosophical tangent? Well, even up until last year one of the things I thought I’d NEVER do was raise chickens. Never say never folks… ask me how I know..

Say hello to our Golden Laced Wyandotte ladies! Sorcha, Dagmara, Petra, Zita, Luna, and Rose Ray Tico. I’ll let you guess who named who.

Each of the kids are having a blast with the chicks so far. We did not originally plan on getting this breed, we had our eye on the Sapphire Gems, but long story short, there is a bit of a chicken craze going on now, and chicks are in short supply. We were lucky to get these ones after a hectic two weeks calling around, and one very disappointing trip to pick some up that turned out to be a dead end.

I grew up with chickens but that did not prepare me for all the initial stress of bringing them home! We’ve made it through the first week and I’m feeling more confident now. I owe many thanks to my bestie Brittany for all the chick equipment and listening to my stressed rants and my mom for answering all my chick questions. I know I’ll have many more…sorry B, sorry Ma.. heh.

The kids and I have big plans for the chicks that we discuss daily whilst cleaning the brooder. We’ve enrolled in 4H and hope to eventually be able to participate in a show. Luckily, the Golden Laced Wyandotte breed is great for showing as they are quite stunning fully feathered. They also hope to sell their eggs which will also be a great learning experience. I’m already impressed with C and A and even Pickle, working hard to take care of these little bitties. They aren’t the friendliest breed, but we are hoping to get them very comfortable with people. We have a three times a day ritual right now of all trooping out to clean out the brooder, hold them, or change out water and food. I have to admit I was checking on them in the middle of the night obsessively for the first few nights.

I’m already greatly anticipating that first egg! That whole “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” saying must have a twin that goes something like, “don’t make elaborate plans about buying a cat with egg money you don’t have because you don’t even have eggs yet”, but who cares, right?

let’s get six more! (Chicks… not kids)

These days my dreams look more like a homestead in the mountains where we have a self sustaining farm off the grid, , teaching barre at a local studio, getting a degree in nutrition or holistic medicine, and having daily adventures with my family. I’m trying to live a more intentional life by taking the necessary steps to achieve those dreams, even if it means doing something I never thought I’d end up doing. I may never get there, but I might as well try. Plus, raising chickens with my kids is turning out to be a daily adventure itself so, check one dream off the list!

I think my lesson here is two fold: 1. Maybe I shouldn’t write off that New York lawyer career just yet.. 2. It’s okay to change your mind.

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