Scotland day 11 and 12

The highlands have been some of the most beautiful country I have seen. We have gotten incredible weather and we are very grateful. It’s not hot by any means, but it’s been sunny and clear. Today the kids actually got really warm and shed their coats and sweatshirts. 

After a slow morning we went to Urquhart Castle located right on Loch Ness. Folks, this place blew my mind. The sun was full out, it was warm on our faces while breathed in that fresh air. I got to sit on a bench and nurse Cosima while listening to the waves splash against the stones of the castle and it was heavenly. I imagine it’s exactly why this place has been a castle site since the time of the Picts more than 1400 years ago. St Columba was the first person to be recorded as a visitor here, baptizing the Picts. According to legend St Columba saw the Loch Ness monster on that visit! 

View from the entry towers
Living space in that tower
Pensive baby watching loch ness from what used to be a kitchen
View from the living space tower
Most of what is left
I mean talk about a home with a view!
Shows the fort progression
Ask Caidoc about his favorite part of this castle . I didn’t get a picture so he could explain it all 😊

This area is just gorgeous! If you see the pictures below you’ll see what I mean. 

The next day we went back to Loch Ness to play around near the water. It was very fun and relaxing. We didn’t do much else that other than a short walk around town sending some postcards.

We found Nessie!

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