A Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

My parents would tease me in high school that I had a “champagne taste on a beer budget”, embarrassingly, it’s true annnnd not much has changed. Luckily, I’ve learned to take the good with the bad. There is nothing wrong with liking nice things, but living beyond your means is not something to aspire to. My mom helped me learn that doing things cheaply does not have mean depravation, but rather an opportunity to take pride in exercising self control, creativity, and financial awareness.

So, whats my “Champagne”? I really like fancy bath products! Lotions, washes, scrubs, soap, etc. The market for these products is vast, but my taste usually falls in the “organic, raw, natural” category. So, places like LUSH and Burt’s Bee’s are my Achilles heel. Last year I went to LUSH with my sisters and mom (super fun girls trip!) and got their Cup O’Coffee scrub. I got the smallest container but for my budget, it was still a steep price. I made that jar last as long as I possibly could! Haha! I’ve experimented making my own scrubs had have had good success (Pinterest is a God send, am I right!? ). Recently I found a knock off recipe for the Cup O’Coffee scrub and I was so excited! I whipped it up as soon as I could, which of course was the next day because, Mom Life.

I had some mixing help 🙂 Those chubby little hands and arms just make me swoon!

The only thing I added that wasn’t in the recipe was this Indian Healing Clay. Now, many DIYs can actually end up costing as much as the product you are trying to reproduce, so it’s import to asses ingredients, making substitutions if necessary and better yet, not paying for them at all! One of my not-so-secret ways of obtaining ingredients for projects is by asking for them as gifts (the Indian Healing Clay was given to me by my brother). It does mean that you have to be patient in your planning for your DIY. Budgeting out all the ingredients is also an option, I usually don’t do this just because I see fancy bath products as a luxury, and not something I should be regularly budgeting for. I digress..

Here is the recipe! I really thought it made a wonderful replica of the Cup O’ Coffee Scrub. I melted the coconut oil in order to get it to mix, and I used honey instead of agave. It did make my face a little oilier than the LUSH product, but I usually use a face wash after an exfoliant so it worked just great for me. Good luck!



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