The Felt Board!

The felt board is finally up! It’s about time! These pieces were pretty labor intensive, but it’s finally up and I am really pleased with it.

The pigs
The barn, complete with hay bale
all of the animals finished and ready for the board!

the chickens, Caidoc’s favorite 🙂
Showing Caidoc (who just woke up) the fancy felt board! He was underwhelmed at first…
The finished product! I’ve also added some shapes, which is more his speed right now than the animals, although his FAVORITE by far is the sun …not sure why.


The only thing left is to make cute containers for all the different scenes I plan on making.  I think I’m gonna do that with the wipes containers we get with all our diapers and wipes each month. Easy peasy!

I’ve been really busy setting up my Etsy shop, redoing a lot of our finances and planning for all our summer trips coming up so pardon the sporadic posting 🙂

One thought on “The Felt Board!”

  1. So cute Abby! I love that you are practical and frugal. That is something I could learn better! I love to thrift and consign, but I can be pretty….er, impulsive too sometimes. Target is public enemy number 1. Anyway, great job on the felt board. I’m sure Caidoc will love it for years to come!

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