Catching up the week…

I’ve been SO freaking busy! Yesterday, I realized the only time I sat down was to nurse Zelie or drive somewhere! I have a very, very difficult tidme slowing down and relaxing- which sounds silly, but I just get anxious when I sit still, like I’m forgetting something or should be doing something. My poor babies are going to be little stress biscuits if I don’t chill out a little. Chilling out feels nearly impossible though, with so much housework, paperwork, baby work, and errands all.the.time.

This weekend should be a little relaxing, Caidoc has his first soccer class! But I’ll have a whole post up about that Saturday night with any luck! Then I’m hoping to take the kids on an ocean adventure that afternoon. On Sunday I’m running the Seattle Hot Chocolate 5k with some of my Kent moms group ladies. I’m so excited! But also nervous about the kids surviving without mama that early in the morning. I’ll have a post about the run up too. Some friends of ours are probably coming over Sunday for some grilling! Yum! I’m already looking forward to that (yup, it’s Lent all right!) Haha!

So, obviously ,we have a super busy weekend but one that should be fun! I’m really looking forward to all of it. Until all those fun posts are up, here are some pictures of my adorable offspring. You’re welcome 😉

Her very first pigtails!

Her very first pigtails!

IMG_20150223_092643 IMG_20150223_090335 IMG_20150223_090211 IMG_20150223_092220


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